Monday, November 13, 2017

Smoking effect with photoshop

Today, the latest photoshop tutorial has been brought up to improve your knowledge.So let's see how we can use today using Adobe Photoshop to create the image shown in the image below.
We used to put a lot of tutorials on Adobe PhotoShop once before.Here. We do this in the little video below. We can also use some shortcuts before using it.
Ctrl + n (to edit a photo to take a new page)
Ctrl + j copy layer )
Ctrl + m (to increase the brightness of the photo.)
Cyrl + (to adjust the color of the photo to the right amount.)
Ctrl + c (to copy partition)
Ctrl + v (to paste the copyed part.)
This app will be fine for someone who smokes.This can nevertheless be a good experience.You can create a very simple image very comfortable.Through this you can create your friend's face.But I do not blame your friends if they get embarrassed.However, a very creative person can do these activities better than me.Start with these things as well.Also, download the desired brush for this photo.
Download brush -

Also, you will see the steps that you added to the Download Brush in Photoshop.

  • first open your Adobe photoshop
  • now click Edit Tab >> Presets >> preset manager
  • Now click load button
  • choose your downloaded brush & click load
  • ok,Now click brush tools and click.

Now you will be able to create this photo.So, look down the video and then subscribe to the SBmade Youtube channel.

Then comment your question below your problem or our site. See the article in the next section.

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