Friday, November 3, 2017

Aibo robot dog

Today we brought a new robot. This name is AIBO.And there are many more of these things. Let's take a look at this.

This is one of the most unique artificial intelligence robot dogs.And this is the model number ERS-100.And this tells alot about sony.As they say, this Aibo robot dog can fully understand what we say.And here's what we do, such as imitation, as well as the Aibo robot dogs feelings like  affection, kindness.
Also, the Aibo robot has the capability to display different motion.Designed as an average dog and designed as a pet different tasks.Axes 22 are used for various movements of this device.There are also two OLED panels.And these manufacturers say that we can use this for up to 2 hours.The video below shows the behavior of the dog, how to behave with pet, and more.

Also, the Aibo robot dog can adapt to the environment and learn how to behave as a normal child.He is also ready to recall his owner for a while.It also has the ability to use Photos, video and video as a camera.This is also provided for Connecting Wifi and LTE networks.And Aibo robot's memories are uploaded to cloud storage too.It allows all data to be obtained.

It is also said to have an application for the Aibo robot dog.It's My Aibo.It can also control Aibo robot dog.It is now available to purchase from a wide range of products from the world.Currently present price is around $ 1,700.
So, comment on this Aibo robot dog.Let's meet in the next article to share with your friends.

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