Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Google Lens | AI Assistant for your photos

We all know that Google is the most popular and most advanced company around the globe. It has huge, multi-faceted and worldwide services. As a result, Google has a wealth of information. Millions are people. People are looking for and have plenty of things to do.

So we know that we know that the Google search engine can find information we type and the world wide web. So, we're doing this. And we have a photo. This is what this new Google Lens does, not what it's like now. This feature is currently available, so they will soon be available to other phones. So, we can use photos that we need to get more out of the Internet over the Internet.

Click on the Application or phone's Google Lens Icon to use this.
Google Lens finds information about the world's photo gallery.

An important fact is that a poster and links such as Link, Phone NO and Address Files have been identified and what is happening. Also, these facts can be identified separately, and the text in the text section can be copied by this service.

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