Friday, October 6, 2017

Google Earbuds (Pixel Buds)

The earliest device introduced by Google is Earbuds.

So, let's hear our everyday songs, call with the headset that has more facilities than it is. It's a great development that has been going on for a long time. It's also created very sensitively by Google. It was released to the world with Google Pixel phones .The device also features a slight resemblance to Apple Air Pods, which Google has been involved in And after that, I'm going to find out more information about how to make these devices.

It's also called Pixel Buds. It's also charging it in a small box. It's also wireless. Apple's Air Pods also charges it with the same wireless cable. It can also be used for five hours .

And this sounds good about the Sound, as well as a good quality. Also, it's very clear. This is exactly what our ear is tuned in. It's not a problem. It also has a Wire to connect to the left ear and the right ear speakers.

This is made of cloth-like cloth. It does not interfere with it anymore. Also, make sure the ear is fitted with the wires. The speaker can be used as a wired speaker.

This can be connected with Bluetooth with your phone. This is working on Android N and up Version. Also, Earphones can be played with a little bit of earphones and can also play Music but you can also use the Notepad double tap to notify it. Also, This works on the google assistant.
Another thing is that Google Translate technology can be translated into 40 languages. So if we can speak in English, we can translate it into one and we can hear it. It will also be released in November. The price is $ 159 for now. It can also be obtained in three colors.

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