Friday, October 20, 2017

Android Ransomware in Sri Lanka

Today, everyone has got an important message. Say, expect to warn about a Ransom ware on the phone.

So , in Sri Lanka, many people are using Computer for Phones, so they also have different data. You can lock the phone from this Ransom ware in order to use them. Also, this Ransom ware belongs to the Malware category. We also have an antivirus app for the Phone, but the ability to touch these apps is too big to be able to safeguard itself. Also, this is the latest Ransom war It's called 'DoubleLocker'.

So  before not possible to use 60000 Computers around the world. Also, we do not think there is a solution for this Ransom ware. Well, they are not the only way to figure out what to do. They lock our phone and we unlock it again. Then we need to give you a password. So we need to pay them for the one. We can not say exactly how much will it cost.

So when you look at the e-mail you receive, do not try to attach Attachment like it. Also do not go to apk from anywhere other than the Google Play Store. These Ransom ware can not even come to your phone. So, be careful of that. Your friends too Please share this. Make sure your phone is secure.

Photoshop tutorial | create small wedding album with photoshop

it's about how we make an album of ordinary wedding photos.
It's very useful to you, as I think. If you were to give us a friend and build a wedding album, it's better if we created these by's also nice.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Google Pixel 2 Earns High Marks in Spite of Dull Design

Google's new Pixel 2 smart slides are ready to attack, and reviews have been launched online.

BeWhatsApp v3.0 Latest Version Download Now

BeWhatsApp Wood v3.0

Blogger tutorial part 18 | How To Add Custom Robots.txt File in Blogger?

Today, I am back with a very useful and must aware blogging term that is Robots.txt.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Audacity With audio edit

So, it also got a new thing today. So, we have another voice over the middle of the page and talk about a small software that we can mix with a desired audio.

The name of this software is Audacity. This is really beneficial if a music website publishes a Music Website that music knows about the name of a music called music from your website.
Using this software, we can add another music to a place where we like it, and we can mix a few music as well as cut partitions from the music so you can take it.
This size of 20MB is what happens. This software has a website related to it. You can download this.
After downloading, the one or more of their favorite music is dragged to drop it. And then you can edit it yourself
Also, when you Export this music, we have a file called "lame_enc.dll" for MP3s, and then Export it when asked. So, Download Online.
And then you should also look at the download. It's worthwhile. Comment with you below. Just ask your friends too to send it. We will meet you in another post.

Smart Google Glass

Google's Smart Google Glass is one of the most amazing designs.
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